Drexel snow day statistics

My first year at Drexel I was told that Drexel hadn’t cancelled school for snow in ten years. That couldn’t possibly be true, but after the third nor’easter in two weeks in Philadelphia I wanted to create a resource that future students can use to compare their winters (or more realistically, February’s and March’s) to the past.

chart (2)

Blue represents a full day of school cancelled. Red represents the sum of all of the partial days cancelled. For example: if we had a delayed opening until 11 am I counted only two hours out of the full 10 hour school day; so 0.2 days cancelled. I also counted a Saturday cancellation as 0.1 days which is more than generous considering the fraction of students who have class on Saturdays.

The school day was classified as the hours between 9 am and 7 pm, even though I may have had classes outside that time. This may not be entirely realistic, but I feel like this gives an accurate representation of how the day feels.

Here’s the data:

Have nay

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