NHL bracket challenge 2018 sign up

Enter at the bottom of the page before Wednesday, April 9th to participate.

The rules are a bit different for this bracket challenge. Here’s how it will go:

First, fill out your bracket.

Points totals for correctly picking each series are as follows:

  • Round 1: 6 pts
  • Division Finals: 10 pts
  • Conference Finals: 14 pts
  • Stanley Cup Finals: 18 pts

Keep in mind the following bonus opportunities:

  • +4 pts for correctly picking an upset (first round only)
  • +10 pts for correctly picking a team that less than 25% of the pool picked to win (any round)

Last twist: You cannot pick the team for which you root to make it past the second round. This rule should only help us, the long suffering Washington Capitals fans.

After the first round…

You will have the opportunity to make picks round-by-round for additional points. You can receive up to half of that round’s points for correcting picking a series in round-by-round play.

This has two implications: you can make up points if you did very badly in the first round and you get to change your mind about your bracket if a team isn’t performing at the level you expected. Hopefully this will keep the competition going until the finals.

Want to participate?

Fill out the contact sheet below and the bracket will be sent to you on Monday, April 9th. Your bracket is due back by 6 pm on Wednesday, April 11th.




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