What Is Co-op?

What is the co-op program?

Drexel students have the option to carve out six-month segments of their academic careers and dedicate them to an internship, which we call “co-ops”. A student can choose to do one co-op, which means graduating in four years, or do three co-ops and graduate in five years. These co-ops may be paid or unpaid, depending on the student’s major and the place he or she wishes to work.

What does a co-op schedule look like?

Five-year, three-co-op students

Students who choose the a five-year, three-co-op program may have a schedule that looks like the one below. Pictured is the spring/summer cycle, because the three co-ops take place during the spring and summer. The fall/winter cycle would have the co-ops placed in the fall and winter quarters, with classes in the spring and summer.

co-op five year

Four-year, one-co-op students

Students who opt to do just one co-op can have their co-op at any time during their middle two years. A sample schedule is below.

co-op three year 1

Each student chooses to have either one co-op or three co-ops when he or she enrolls at Drexel, but exactly when the co-ops will take place is assigned at random, and told to each student at the end of his or her freshman year.

Where do students find co-op jobs?

Each student is responsible for finding his or her own job for every co-op. Some students reach out to contacts they have outside of the university, but most students use a Drexel-run system to connect with employers. Co-op jobs available in the Drexel system range from companies like JP Morgan to the Camden Riversharks baseball team.

If a student chooses to have three co-ops, will he or she have to work at the same company each time?

While some students fall in love with their first co-op job and continue working at the same company during the rest of their co-ops, this is not expected. Most students apply to different places for each co-op, and some even travel internationally.